Women Cell


Women constitute almost 50% of Indian Population and as such, women empowerment becomes a must at the peripheral level and at the core, it becomes an imperative for economic and social progress for societal values of equity and equality. The 2001 census results reveal that the sex ratio ( the number of females per 1000 males) generally adverse to women in India declined over the years. But the State of Kerala has the distinction of being the only State with the sex ratio favourable to women. In Kerala there are 1058 women for every 1000 men against the all India figure of 933.

In literacy and educational standards also Kerala retained its position by being on top with a 90.92% in which 94.30 for males and 87.86 for females. Compared to other States, a high level of literacy and educational standards has been a unique and important feature of Kerala women. Corresponding to these attainments, women have entered into almost all walks of social life in the State. Despite these contributions, the productive role of women in the economy is partly ignored. As a result, the contribution of female sector towards industrial development of the State is very meager. Out of the total 2.75 lakhs MSME Units registered in the State as on 31.3.2004, only 50493 units are run by women entrepreneurs


The ultimate objective of setting up of a Women Entrepreneurs Development Cell (WEDC) is to build motivation and confidence with prospective and existing women entrepreneurs by providing all kinds of information, advice and assistance relating to designing of project, procurement of raw materials, technology, finance and marketing by involving Governmental and Non-governmental organizations, financial institutions and other developmental agencies.


  • Conducting Motivation Campaigns in collaboration with educational institutions, developmental agencies and NGOs Etc.
  • Conducting General/Product-cum-Process Oriented EDP/MDP for women.
  • Preparation of Project Report as per the requirement of financial institutions
  • Assisting Women entrepreneurs in getting land, shed and other facilities required to start the enterprise especially in industrial estates
  • Assisting them in getting clearances and licenses from concerned statutory bodies.
  • Helping them in getting financial assistance
  • Providing technical guidance
  • Making available scarce raw material
  • Providing marketing information and assistance
  • Monthly/Quarterly Meeting with trained women to assess their present position to take stock of the problems/impediments and to find possible solutions to it.
  • Providing escort services to the entrepreneurs by accompanying them to banks, financial institutions, DIC etc.
  • Collaboration and dissemination of latest information/policy matters relating to women industrial sector.
  • Making suggestions/recommendations to the Ministry, Government of Kerala to modify policies and programmes of enterprises and supporting institutions to improve women industrial environment.
  • Other routine activities like providing technical/Managerial Consultancy/Counselling services, Networking among DICs, Financial Institutions, GOs and NGOs. Etc.


The women Entrepreneurs Development Cell in MSME-DI,Thrissur, Kerala is being run by a lady officer of the Economic Investigation trade supervised by a Dy.Director under the overall direction of the head of the Institute.

A WEDC Committee consists of the members of MSME, Financial Institutions, Banks, DIC, Governmental Organisations like Panchayat/Municipality, Kerala State Electricity Board, Kerala State Women Industries Association concerned, NGO, etc. Committee Meeting being convened Quarterly/Half Yearly to review the problems of prospective and existing women entrepreneurs to find possible solutions to it.

To avail the services of Weomen Cell, Contact: Manager, Women Cell