MSME-Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (MSME-IPFC)

MSME-Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (MSME-IPFC)

MSME-Development Institute, Thrissur, under the auspices of Development Commissioner (MSME), Ministry of MSME, Govt.of India; New Delhi has set up an MSME-Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (MSME-IPFC) in office premises of this Institute to help MSMEs on management of Intellectual Properties (IP).

The services offered by this Centre are as given below:

ü  General information on all forms of IPRs like patents, trademarks, designs, GIs etc.

ü  General advisory and guidance on matters related to IPR, registration, infringement etc.

ü  Status check of existing patents ie; whether a patent is valid, abandoned or expired.

ü  Prior art search to know the already existing knowledge on technology domain

ü  Interpretation of search information and guidance to beneficiaries in designing of their IP strategy

ü  Opinion and guidance on likelihood of IP protection

ü  Freedom to operate opinion to ascertain the threat before launching a product

ü  Assistance in availing services of approved IP professional attorneys in drafting/filling application for all forms of IPRs patent/ trademarks/designs/PVP/Copyright etc.


Entrepreneurs/ representatives/ individuals with valid MSME “Üdyam Registration” can apply for reimbursements through online portal of MSME i.e. by furnishing all the relevant details and uploading the necessary supporting documents.

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Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre

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